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Kimble trash collection

Trash Collection / September 22, 2016

Who will I receive my bill for service from?
Kimble will bill you on a quarterly basis for the service & level you have selected.

What is a 95 gallon cart?
A cart is the new option that is supplied by Kimble for your refuse. It has a durable polyethylene construction and includes two wheels for ease of portability. It withstands subzero cold and extreme summer heat. Hinged lid keeps rain and animals out.

Can I use my current trash container or plastic trash bags?
Yes, you may use your existing metal or plastic trash cans (no 55 gallon drums) or plastic bags.

What is “setback service”?
To accommodate residents who for some reason are unable to place their refuse & recyclables at curbside, an additional service and fee are available for collection at an exterior location of the residence that is not more than 150 feet from curbside.

What is “Single Bag” Service?
To accommodate residents who are small volume generators of refuse, an option is available at a low monthly base fee. The resident will then purchase plastic bags THAT ARE DESIGNATED FOR THIS PROGRAM from Kimble. A minimum of ten (10) bags must be purchased every six (6) months.

Will collection take place on Holidays? Kimble Company will not pick up on the following holidays: New Years Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day