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Private trash collection

Trash Collection / March 21, 2017

Curbside ContainersTrash is collected once a week, on the same day as recycling collection. The total cost of this service ranges from $15.00 to $16.75, depending on the container size. Fees are included in your Utility Services bill, which also includes Tucson Water and Pima County Sewer charges. Find your pickup day here. View the 2016 holiday schedule for residential trash and recycling. To order service or to report any problem please call Customer Service at 520-791-3171.

Curbside Service

Most residents have a green garbage container collected at the curb. Customers with curb collection can choose the size container that best meets their needs through the Program. Please remember:

  • Collection times vary. To ensure service, set out your containers by 6 a.m. on collection day.
  • Set containers at the curb with the lids opening toward the street. Please leave at least three feet between containers.
  • Place the containers three feet away from parked cars, mailboxes and other obstacles. Allow 15 feet clearance from tree branches, utility wires, etc. above the container.
  • Do not leave your containers at the curb on non-service days. Containers must be pulled back onto private property on non-service days.

Alley Container ServiceAlley Service

In some areas, up to three households share 300-gallon containers in alleys. Please remember:

  • Do not move or relocate the container.
  • Do not place bulky items, such as furniture, building materials, dirt or rocks, in or next to the containers.
  • Please use only your share of space in the container. Each resident is allotted 1/3 of the alley container.
  • Please report any damaged alley containers by calling Customer Service at 520-791-3171.
  • Remember, the alleys are not to be used for storage of bulky items unless your scheduled brush and bulky collection is within the upcoming two weeks.

Trash Tips and Info

  • For safety, keep children away from refuse containers and collection trucks.
  • Do not overfill containers. Overfilled containers create litter and may not be serviceable.
  • Please bag and tie garbage to prevent odors and flies.
  • The City will only service containers provided by the City. Do not set out garbage in other cans, boxes or receptacles.
  • Containers are assigned to the property address; please leave the containers for the next resident if you move.
  • Do not use garbage containers for dirt, concrete, building materials, large carpet rolls, hazardous or toxic waste, unwrapped animal waste, large items such as furniture, water heaters, etc.
  • Do not put car and truck tires in trash containers. Take to landfill or set out for brush & bulky collection.
  • Never place hot ashes, cinders, coals or other burning material in garbage containers.
  • Only place yard waste in the container that fits with the lid closed (no tree limbs or branches).

Residents who repeatedly violate the rules and regulations may incur a service fee on their utility service bill or be subject to court imposed fees.

Suspension of Service Program

Residential customers may temporarily suspend their ES trash and recycling collection services for up to eight consecutive months. ES will collect the trash and recycling containers at the start of the suspension, and return them when the customer requests at the end. At the time of the suspension request, a $40 fee will be charged for the removal and re-delivery of the containers. If the customer has not restarted service after eight months, ES will restart the charges, and containers will be returned as soon as the customer's request is received. Suspension of Service is not available to customers with alley service because the shared containers cannot be removed.

While a suspension is active, the customer may not use any ES services, including using someone else’s containers or using brush and bulky service. Customers who violate this rule will be billed the full service fees for the entire suspension period, and a $50.00 account reconciliation fee will be assessed.