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Trash Service / September 1, 2017

Town of Lexington fines Advanced Disposal for missed collections

Loren Thomas, wltx

Advanced Disposal has been fined by the Town of Lexington for failing to collect trash from homes on scheduled days. (Photo: WLTX)

Lexington, SC (WLTX) - The Town of Lexington is working to solve a problem with trash collection.

According to the town administrator, Advanced Disposal, who is contracted by the town, has not been meeting the requirements of their agreement.

That means thousands of homes did not get their trash picked up on the correct time.

This has been going on for several weeks, so a $32, 000 fine has been given. That’s $10 for every home that isn't serviced.

Britt Poole, Town Administrator, says they are monitoring the company to make sure they get back on track.
“We've had a number of meetings with Advance trying to come to a solution, ” says Poole. “Essentially we have a contract with them to pick up residential garbage and they haven't been performing as well as either party would like for the last few weeks.”

“I must say they have for each of the weeks they have missed they've come back and pick up the miss. So it's not that people aren't getting their trash picked up week to week, they just aren't getting it picked up on the agreed upon day.

A spokesman for Advanced Disposal said this in a statement:

“Advanced Disposal is committed to the Town of Lexington and it’s residents. We realize that over the last couple of weeks, we have not fulfilled the level of service expected and apologize for any inconveniences we may have caused. The company has made multiple internal changes to immediately address the issues and our local and regional executives have met with the Town of Lexington’s Park and Sanitation Department to share our plan of action. We have hired a new district and local operations manager, have analyzed and updated our truck routes and are putting more equipment and drivers on the road to expedite collections.”

The current agreement with Advanced Disposal started July of 2015. It’s a 10 year contract that pays $11.53 per house. Currently there are approximately 6, 500 houses in town for collection.

Anyone who still has not had trash picked up is asked to email Advanced Disposal’s customer service address: