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Trash Removal / February 16, 2020

  1. Why does the City use household garbage automated collection service with wheeled carts?
    The city’s garbage collection contractor, Advanced Disposal, performs household garbage automated collection using a special collection truck and household garbage wheeled cart. The truck uses a mechanical arm to pick up and empty the cart. Benefits include:
    • The wheeled cart is easy to roll to and from the curb on the scheduled collection days.
    • Blowing and littering garbage is reduced because the wheeled cart is heavier and its lid is attached.
    • There are fewer injuries to garbage collection workers because the wheeled cart is lifted and emptied automatically by the mechanical arm of the truck.
  2. What are the key rules for the use of the wheeled cart?
    • Only place bagged household garbage inside the wheeled cart.
    • Do not use the cart for recycling, yard waste, hazardous waste, bulky items or appliances.
    • Never put hot coals or ashes into the cart.
    • Bag garbage before placing it inside the cart to keep it clean and to control odors.
    • Place your cart curbside before 7:00 a.m. on scheduled collection days or the night before.
    • Place your cart so that the wheeled side is facing your property and away from the street.
    • Close cart lid completely.
    • Do not place anything on top of the lid.
    • Allow three feet (3’) of clearance on all sides of the cart.
    • Remove cart from curbside after collection.
  3. Who owns the wheeled cart?
    The green wheeled carts are the property of the City of Jacksonville Beach and are marked with the city logo and a serial number. The wheeled cart is to remain at its specific property address when and if you move.
  4. Do I use a wheeled cart for household garbage if I live on a narrow road, alley, or cul-de-sac where the automated collection truck has difficulty maneuvering?
    Yes. All residential household garbage is to be collected from the wheeled carts. The collection contractor will make necessary adjustments to collect garbage from wheeled carts along narrow roads, alleys and cul-de-sacs.
  5. May I continue to use my old garbage can?
    You may use your old can as a yard waste can. Do not use your old can for household garbage because the mechanical gripper and lifting arm of the automated collection truck will very likely damage the can. The contractor is not responsible for such damage. Place your household garbage only in the wheeled cart because it is manufactured to be used with the automated collection truck.
  6. What do I put in the household garbage wheeled cart?
    The wheeled cart is to be used for household garbage only. Garbage should be bagged before it is placed in the cart. Placing your garbage in plastic bags will keep your cart clean and minimize odors. Do not put into your cart hot ashes or coals, recyclable items, household hazardous waste and medical waste, paint, and yard waste such as bagged or loose grass, leaves or small branches. Do not overfill the wheeled cart. The lid must remain closed to allow for automated collection, to prevent littering, and to help control odor and varmints. Occasionally hose out your cart. You may not reload the cart for additional service on your collection day.
  7. What if I don’t know my garbage, recycling, yard waste, bulky items, or appliances collection days?
    You can check on the city’s website, or call the Jacksonville Beach Public Works Department at (904) 247-6219.
  8. What are my collection days?
    • Household garbage is collected twice a week with the City divided into 2 collection areas.
    • Recycling and yardwaste are collected once a week, which will vary throughout the City by 5 collection zones.
    • Appliances and bulky items are collected once a week, which will vary throughout the City by 4 collection zones.
    • Check the residential solid waste collection schedule & map (2 pages).
  9. What if my collection day falls on a holiday?
    There will not be a collection on New Year's day, Thanksgiving day or Christmas day, the regularly scheduled collection for these days will occur on the next calendar day. On all other holidays, collections will occur as regularly scheduled.
  10. Where do I place the wheeled cart on collection day?
    • Place the cart at the end of your driveway, at the edge of the street, or next to the curb, with the wheels facing your property and away from the street.
    • Be certain the cart is placed at least three feet (3’) away from your mail box, utility poles, bushes, trees, gas or water meters, fire hydrants, cars, sprinkler heads, or anything the automated collection equipment could damage, or come in contact with.
    • Move your household garbage wheeled cart out for collection before 7:00 a.m. On your collection day or the night before. Please remove your cart from the curb by the end of the day.
    • If there is a ditch in front of your property, place the cart on the street side of the ditch, if possible.
    • Place your wheeled cart within your residential property lines near the street, not next to someone else’s property or next to City property. (this also applies to yard waste, appliances, and bulky items.)
  11. What about street parking on collection days?
    If at all possible, do not park any vehicle at the curb on collection day. At a minimum, remember to position your household garbage wheeled cart, bulky items, appliances, and/or yard waste in such a manner that there is three feet (3’) of unobstructed space on all sides. If a car or anything else is blocking the safe collection of your waste then the scheduled collection cannot occur. It will be collected on your next regularly scheduled pick up day.
  12. What does the city logo stamped on the cart mean?
    The cart assigned to your address belongs to the City. The city logo identifies the cart as belonging to the City. The city logo also helps to identify City carts that get moved outside the city limits.
  13. What does the serial number stamped on the cart mean?
    Each address has a cart “assigned” by the serial number stamped on it. This helps residents keep up with their cart.
  14. What do the arrows stamped on the cart mean?
    The arrows on the wheeled cart show the proper orientation of the cart towards the street, upon its placement at the curb for automated collection. The proper orientation of the cart is essential for automated collection and for minimizing blowing garbage that falls outside the truck hopper.
  15. What if the cart is stolen, damaged or destroyed?
    The household garbage wheeled cart is the property of the City of Jacksonville Beach and must not be painted, abused, mutilated, altered, modified, or moved from its assigned address. If the damage was your responsibility, you will need to pay for its replacement. For example, any cart that is destroyed or damaged by hot ashes or coals shall be the responsibility of the customer, and replaced at the customer’s expense. If the collection contractor damages your cart, it will be replaced at the expense of the contractor. If you cart is stolen, call (904) 338-9700 for further information on cart replacement.
  16. What size carts are available and what if I need a larger cart?
    Each household and commercial hand pickup location will receive one (1) 95-gallon wheeled cart. This size cart should provide adequate capacity for an average household. Its dimensions are 46.1” in...