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Trash Removal York PA

Trash Removal / April 25, 2016

Motor oil
Outlets for used motor oil are ever changing. Contact the York County Solid Waste & Refuse Auth. at 845-1066 or at for the most up-to-date listing of facilities throughout the county that accept used motor oil.

ALL City customers, both residential and commercial/institutional, must empty, flatten and bundle cardboard boxes with twine or place flattened boxes inside another cardboard box or recycling container. (Maximum bundle size: 3′ x 3′ and 40 pounds). Place cardboard out for collection, along with your recycling container, only on your first collection day each week.

Note: Boxes from tissues, cereal and other foods, snack bars, shoes, toys and similar products like paper towel and toilet tissue rolls are considered paperboard/chipboard and should be emptied, flattened and recycled too. Place these items comingled with other recyclables in your recycling container and set out for collection only on your first collection day each week.

Small quantities of building lumber may be placed for regular trash collection. The wood must be cut down and securely bundled. (Maximum bundle size: 3′ long and 40 pounds) Each bundle of lumber replaces a bag of trash.

Paint Products
Seal containers of paint and paint products and place, in small quantities, with regular trash in securely tied trash bags. Do not place open containers of liquid separately for collection and do not place loose in trash cans with no tied trash bag. For trash bags containing cans of wet paint, it is a recommended that you surround the cans with crumbled newspapers to help absorb wet paint when the container is compacted in the collection vehicle.

Customers may place up to 2 passenger tires, off the rim, for regular trash collection. Each tire replaces a bag of trash and counts toward the overall bag limit. However, tires on the rim must be scheduled for large-item collection.

Call the large-item line at 717-843-1240 from 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday-Thursday to schedule in advance. Do not place items for collection until after 5 p.m. the evening prior to the scheduled date. Items must be at the designated pick-up point no later than 6 a.m. on the day of scheduled collection.