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Trash Removal - Wampsville NY

Trash Removal / October 19, 2019

The Village office is at 3 Broad Street. If you are traveling from the north at the first traffic light turn left onto Payne Street and the office is diagonally across from the Colgate Inn. If you are traveling from the south at the Colgate Inn turn right onto Payne Street and it is the first building on your right. Click here see the the Village location.

Where do I register to vote?

Information on voter registration is available at the Madison County New York website or you can register at the Madison County Office in Wampsville New York. Registered voters can vote in school, Village, town, county, state, and national elections. Board of Elections phone number is (315) 366-2231

Who should I call for Village services?

If you have a question regarding electrical service, water and sewer, gas, garbage pickup, or dog control, call the Village office at (315) 824-1111 during business hours of 7:30 AM-4:00 PM. For after business hour life threatening emergencies, please call 911.

Can I pay my Village of Hamilton bills at the Village office?

You can pay uncontested parking violations, utility bills, permits with fees, and tax bills at the Village office during business hours. Town bills are paid at the Town Office at 16 Broad Street. School taxes can be paid at the school district office on West Kendrick Street.

If I need the fire department, an ambulance, or police in an emergency whom do I call?

In an emergency, call the Madison County Emergency call center a by dialing 911. If it is a non-emergency need during business hours, check the Village Directory

Why is my utility bill higher than last month?

Usually a higher bill is due to increased usage. However, in some instances, there may be another explanation. If you wish to discuss your bill, please come to the Village office and we will assist you in tracking the reason for your higher bill.

What is the Purchased Power Adjustment (PPA) charge that appears on my utility bill?

The Village is allotted a certain amount of hydro power from the New York State Power Authority. When we exceed our allotment, we must purchase supplemental power at a higher rate, which is then reflected in the PPA.

Is there a holiday trash pickup schedule for residential customers?

Yes. When a holiday falls on trash pickup Wednesdays or Thursdays, Normal Wednesday pick up will be picked up on Thursday. Normal Thursday pick up will be Wednesday.