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Trash Removal / August 25, 2017

Vancouver, BC
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I'm happy to be another contributor to Bill's perfect Yelp rating. With only an afternoon's notice, he was on the job early and ready to go. Seeing he was one guy, and given that our load included a hot water tank, I had gloves on and was ready to go: "No, no, " says Bill. "It's all me". We're in the middle of an emergency restoration, so I'm happy to take a break and let a pro handle it. Bill has an uncanny spatial awareness and called our initial load 4/5s of a load. We were happy to add another 5th and he made that work for us. He was in and gone in under an hour and made the whole process look easy. With the aging members of our family starting to hoard, I fee like finding Bill has just become an important coming of age piece for the current generation of our family.

Bill was friendly and very fair. It is amazing what can fit into his truck.

I called Bill and an hour later he was at my daughters home to remove a whole truck load of trash. He was kind, effective, and genuine. He made you smile! Super nice guy. Made the experience of taking out trash the best it could be!

Bill was excellent. He was fast, pleasant, effective, and a totally nice guy. Hire him.

Very nice gent and very reasonable. I am going to use him again next week. I highly recommend Bill. Susan L.

I was looking for an affordable and fast way to get rid of my old furniture.Thanks to Yelp, I found Bill. He is a very professional and nice guy. It took him 5 minutes to remove my old couch and armchair and the price was very affordable ( $100 for a 3 seat, heavy couch and an armchair. I would totally recommend him everyone who is looking for a smooth furniture removal service. Just a heads up, since he is running a one person business, you may need to give him a hand to remove your old furniture from your home to his truck.

I had to get ride of a few tables and a HUGE tv. Decided to check out Bill's Rubbish Removal and was not disappointed. It's a small business with just Bill. But his prices were definitely lower than all the competitors I checked out. I paid $62 and it was pretty accurate, while others were asking for around $85. What's great is that he's nice, friendly, right on time, and very efficient. Yup, I'll definitely call him again.

Bill came over with his high sided truck and cleared out a huge pile if construction waste and, best of all, old paint. I offered to help load, which he declined. Price was very reasonable. I'd use him any time.

By far- one of the nicest gentlemen I've ever met. He was prompt, polite and friendly. His prices are very reasonable, and he does an outstanding job for being a 1 man show :) Very happy to have called Bill for the junk removal rather than some big corporate service. Thanks so much Bill!

Bill is punctual and super polite on the phone and in person. He did a same day pick up for me and gave me a quote over the phone. Price was very reasonable, especially since I had told him it would not be a curb side pick up. He runs a one man operation as mentioned so we felt kind of bad that we gave him such heavy things to get rid of and couldn't really help him with the lifting. Will definitely use him again in the future! Oh and for the payment, it's either pay cash or write him a cheque at pickup. No credit/debit cards.

I called on a Saturday and he managed to come over 2 hours later to remove a couch and some smaller items despite timing being a bit tricky. He was up front and quoted me his prices over the phone, and made sure to cover all the bases. Arrived exactly on time, was pleasant, and was very reasonably priced.

We found Bill's Rubbish Removal on Yelp. Bill is honest, polite, very efficient + his prices are very good. Strongly recommended.

Nice guy, good rates, fast service. I left him a voicemail and within a couple hours he had called me back and picked up the furniture I needed to get rif of!

REALLY excellent at what he does. You couldn't ask for a nicer, more politely spoken man than Bill. He arrived promptly, gave his estimate, and got to it with great speed. His calm manner and laid back attitude made the whole stress of the experience of moving so much less. I strongly recommend him for all kinds of removal.

Bill is a magician at maneuvering couches through stairwells. Decent prices, about $90 after it was all said and done for a sofa and chez lounge. I would recommend to anyone. I wish he had another crew member, so I didn't have to help. I know that makes me sound lazy, but if I'm paying close to $100 I'd rather not have to help.

Excellent service from Bill! Super polite and nice guy. We communicated through voicemails and he always replied back. He is very punctual from calling ahead to let me know he was on his way and he was early. He moved my stuff efficiently and I added a few extra small things but he kept the price the same. Awesome service and will definitely be using him again.

I found Bill on Yelp and was pleased with his work. Bill's been doing this for 13 years and is a very polite and likeable guy. The price was higher than I expected but I honestly don't know that it'd be cheaper anywhere else. Besides, I prefer to support the small business over the larger corporations so don't mind if the price was a little on the high side. The only caveat: Bill's a one-man crew; I'm not sure what he'd have done if I wasn't around to help (which I didn't mind doing) but other than that, I would happily recommend Bill's Rubbish Removal to others.

I found Bill on Yelp. I had some light construction waste (carpet, wood) to dispose of. Bill is very polite, honest, efficient and his price is very reasonable. Recommended.