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Trash Removal / November 4, 2019

Practice Type Zip Code Projected Annual Savings
Radiology 34232 $3, 660
Long Term Care Facility 34237 $3, 996
Plastic Surgery 33322 $12, 743

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Sarasota is famous for its beautiful Gulf of Mexico beaches and is a year-round home as well as a seasonal home for sun-loving residents. Sarasota Memorial Hospital and Doctor’s Hospital are two of the hospitals serving the area, and thousands of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals form a superior healthcare delivery system for fortunate Floridians.

Medical Waste Disposal Sarasota, FL

The front-line healthcare personnel work with many medical support industries like pharmacies, medical supply firms, and medical waste disposal service providers. Medical waste is also called biomedical waste and biohazardous waste, and the proper collection, transportation, and disposal of this by-product is critical. Medical waste has the potential to be dangerous, even deadly to people because of its potential to carry and transmit infection.

Some of the facilities that generate medical waste include hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, laboratories, funeral homes, dentists, veterinarians, physicians, and others need medical waste disposal Sarasota, FL.

MedPro Waste Disposal operates in 44 states and is an industry leader based on experience and an exemplary record of safety. Partnering with MedPro for medical waste disposal Sarasota, FL brings a number of benefits that we call the MedPro Advantage, which was created in response to the things doctors and nurses have told us they need to do their jobs better. Some of the benefits are:

Low Prices: Hospital administrators and doctors have reached out to us and asked for the lowest possible prices. We responded with the lowest possible prices!

MedPro is able to coordinate resources from all out service areas to maximize efficiency when scheduling pick-ups and transporting waste. Whenever possible we will pick-up from facilities in the same geographic area on the same day. Saving time and fuel means lower prices for our customers.

Our service plans are based on what’s best for our customers. It’s what we call “right-sized” service and the bottom line is it saves money.

Training: People working in every industry are trained, and most receive ongoing training. The medical community is rigidly required to receive ongoing training and it can be difficult to arrange the resources and schedule the time.

MedPro created an extremely valuable tool called the MedPro Online Safety Compliance Portal. This amazing platform is accessed through our website, so the scheduling is easy. The resources onboard the platform are vast, and include online safety plans, including fire prevention and exposure control. Also online are modules for HIPPA and HazCom training, MSDS/SDS, online safety audits, and regulations pertaining to every area MedPro services.

Superior Customer Service: MedPro listened to our customers and found that they cannot afford to spend time staying on hold for issues and questions, and so we created a unique position in our industry, the Dedicated Customer Advocate. This person is charged with the responsibility of being available to answer questions and resolve issue promptly. When a customer calls MedPro, they ask for this person by name, and that is who they are connected with. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

Simplified Price Plans and Invoicing – Doctors have asked us to keep things simple when it comes to billing, charges, and invoices. They have enough to deal with on the insurance and government side of their businesses.

MedPro responded with one-flat-fee service plans and invoices reflect these prices with no surprise fees or charges. Customers can pay online or use the old fashioned envelope and stamp, whatever works best for them.

Doctors have also asked for special programs like our Unwanted Pharmaceutical Disposal program. Old, expired drugs are sometimes placed in the regular trash or flushed down the drain and this is a very dangerous practice. Patients should be encouraged to dispose of their old medications properly.

MedPro is also pleased to offer customers printed material and poster to display in medical offices. Reminders about safety procedures are always nice to have in easy view. Safety, safety, safety. You can’t say it too often.

MedPro is very happy to be on board with the professionals healthcare workers in Sarasota. We share a commitment to excellence with every member of the team and look forward to building long-term relationships.

Getting to know MedPro is easy – call for a free price quote by calling 888-641-6131.

Source: www.medprodisposal.com