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Trash Removal RI

Trash Removal / March 10, 2019

Warren, RI 02885
(401) 252-1253

Great team of people - friendly, prompt and reasonable. I was looking to have an old mattress and boxspring removed from my home. Two friendly and courteous team members showed up (in a very good sized truck) the next day and carried it out within minutes. I would recommend this team Of people to anyone looking to get rid of a few items curbside won't take.

Have piles of stuff accumulated in your dwellings, and you don't know what to do with it? Are you curbing your hoarding and have crap to toss, but no where to toss it? If you're like me, and have a basement that over time became a dumping ground for all things with which we knew not what to do with, then you need to call RI Junk Removal right now. So yeah, my basement became a nightmare. Boxes, old lamps, crap at every turn. My husband and I spend a few hours at a time weeding through the contents of every nook and cranny, creating a 'toss' pile, a 'donate' pile and a 'keep' pile. The later two were easy; it was the former we didn't know what to do with, as the City of Providence provides trash barrels that will do for a normal amount of trash, but not a gargantuan pile. RI Junk Removal removed said gargantuan pile and did it for cheap. They showed up on time to give us a quote, showed up on time to take it away, and that was that. They were quick, quiet, efficient and thorough, and everything was taken care of from quote to take-away within 24 hours. So if you need junk to be gone and you don't feel like getting a dumpster or spending a chunk of your hard-earned cash on doing it, these are your dudes.

Very professional and timely service with a smile!! A great and easy experience - they arrived early and took care of all our removals with ease and care! I would never hesitate to call them again for any removal services! Pleased and satisfied with this company!

Reliable, and comprehensive: providing the services agreed upon for a fair price! I'd use them again.

Great experience! Rich took my call right away, was over to the house when he said, did the job right then and there. He even accommodated my special request on some barrels that were full of trash as well. I couldn't have asked for a better customer experience. Quick and efficient. I will use them again.

The worst experience I have ever had with a local RI company! Stood me up THREE TIMES until I finally went with another company. Each time I was told by text they'd be there soon and then they just never showed up. Yes, the price they quote is great, because they don't actually show up! I spent a little more with J's Junk Removal but they showed up that day, on time, and were extremely nice and professional.

1 stars (0 if I could or negative). It started with a promise - great. 2 days after the promised date I realized they can't use the phone properly (they leave an audio message on text instead of calling me). They pick up the trash, but don't call me for payment or pricing (as promised). 2 days after that I get called for payment. I give my credit card that has a low limit so they can't jack me. They say it's declined. My bank shows processing - and I say my bank says differently. Later on that evening I get a call from the PD thinking I have committed fraud against the vendor, I explain and check my bank again. Now there are 2 pending charges for the same amount - they jacked or tried to jack me. Not only can they not work their phone, but apparently nor their credit card machine as well. You just can't trust people who lie to you and double bill you (or at least try to). Insane. Avoid at all costs - haul it yourself or call a friend with a pickup - or better yet - call a service that actually delivers. That's what I will do next time. Oh, did I mention this was for my Mother in Law whom is advanced in years. Not cool. This same post is on multiple sites - that's how bad it was for me.

Had a couple couches, a treadmill, and miscellaneous trash to get rid of. Scheduled a weekend pick up for removal. Professional, clean, and quick with fantastic prices. During removal they found a 4x6 rug with black mold and removed for safety reasons with some advice on how to get rid of the mold. Overall great experience and would definitely recommend RI Junk Removal to friends and family.

I had an old mini fridge that died. They took it away in the middle of the winter at a reasonable price I would recommend them. They also moved 2 of our bushes another time. Great people!

Very friendly, professional, and Quick service. Called in the Morning and everything was gone by the afternoon. Yard clean for spring!

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