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Trash Removal / September 1, 2019

I have used Packman for 6 years now, and in the past year, the service has declined; I used to be able to neatly put out items of a reasonable size outside of a trash can and they'd take it (heck, I've seen them take under dressers of an old water bed), not anymore: branches, tv box, chopped up wood, etc. But if I take the time to cram it into a can (which is NOT easier to dump in this form), they do. ??? Just yesterday we put out both; cans and stacked wood with a tv box, along with their xmas gift (2 bottles of hooch). Because they refuse to go beyond and touch anything other than a can, they missed out on the gifts left. By the time we got home, we had to drag the stacked wood and gifts back into the garage. Mind you, I'm a little gal who could easily pick these items up to move... so I don't understand why they don't anymore. Again, been with for 6 years now, but if not in a can, forget about it.