SWS trash Removal

Trash Removal / July 4, 2021

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If you receive trash collection from Montgomery County, your service includes

  • once-a-week, curbside collection of acceptable household trash accumulated daily by each household.

What is my collection schedule?

Adjustments to the collection schedule are made for nine holidays each year. The schedule is adjusted only if the actual (not the observed) holiday falls on a collection day. See the holiday schedule.

How do I set out my trash items?

  1. If your trash is loose in it must be prepared this way
    a trash container Each container must have a capacity of 45 gallons or less, and weigh 45 pounds or less.
    bags Each bag must weigh 45 pounds or less. You may put multiple bags into 1 container.
    • All items for collection must be placed directly at the curb, or unobstructed on your property, within 10 feet of the curb.
    • Don't place containers at the curb more than 1 day before your collection day; remove them within 24 hours after collection.
    • Don't block traffic, sidewalks, or mailboxes with containers.
    • Don't keep containers on the County right-of-way between collections.
    • Avoid restraints, like bungee cords, on containers or lids which interfere with removing trash from containers.
  2. Your set-out items must consist only of accumulated materials from normal housekeeping activities.
  3. Wrap broken glass in paper to prevent injury to collectors.
  4. Residents must confine any animals that may interfere with collectors.
  5. No containers, bundles, or materials may be placed in a hazardous location for collection.

What is the schedule on bad weather days?

If collection is suspended due to snow or severe weather, your trash will be picked up as soon as conditions permit. Please leave your items at the curb until collection occurs.

For collection status updates:

  • Check our Division of Solid Waste Services website. We post schedule change announcements in the the header of every page on our site.

Source: www.montgomerycountymd.gov