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Miami Dade trash Removal

Trash Removal / August 26, 2020

Proper waste disposal protects our precious South Florida environment and contributes to future sustainability. The Department offers a variety of waste disposal services and programs for homeowners, commercial and municipal waste haulers, and permitted landscapers. We are proud to say that we operate one of the nation's largest integrated solid waste disposal systems.

Trash & Recycling Centers

Residential waste fee customers can drop off tree and yard cuttings and up to one cubic yard of construction and demolition debris at one of 13 Trash and Recycling Centers across the County, as well as white goods (old stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, washers, dryers, freezers, etc.) at many of the 13 centers.

Centers are open daily from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. year-round, except for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Independence Day and Christmas Day, as observed by Miami-Dade County.

Home Chemicals

Did you know that many of the products that we use in our homes like oil-based paint, solvents, pesticides and pool chemicals are actually as hazardous as industrial chemicals? When these products are disposed of improperly, they can pollute our drinking water.

Home Chemical Collection Centers

Home Chemical Collection Centers accept oil-based paints, pesticides, solvents, pool chemicals, unbroken fluorescent light bulbs (to include the older, long-tube fluorescents, modern compact fluorescent light bulbs [CFLs] and other fluorescent types) and other electronic waste. Commercial waste is not accepted.

Commercial Disposal Facilities

Commercial disposal system facilities include the Resources Recovery waste-to-energy facility, the South Dade Landfill (a garbage and trash landfill) and the North Dade Landfill (a trash-only landfill). These facilities are supported by the three regional transfer stations. The system is designed to be used by permitted private haulers, County and municipal waste haulers, and permitted landscapers.

Illegal Dumping Prevention

Illegal dumping is a serious crime that can harm our environment and make our neighborhoods look bad. Learn how to report it online, and ways to properly dispose of your trash without dumping illegally.

Sharps Disposal Locations

To minimize the risk of improper disposal of syringes, needles, lancets and other sharp medical utensils, many Florida counties have implemented programs that provide accessible methods to dispose of this type of waste in a safe manner. The Miami-Dade County Health Department has established a program that enables home users to dispose of their sharp objects at designated healthcare facilities within the surrounding communities.

Source: www.miamidade.gov