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Trash Removal / February 10, 2016

The above portal or data base can be searched by building permit, code enforcement, certificate of enforcement (rental certification), and project. One can search for the above information through an owner’s name, address, and/or parcel number. Once the property is found you can see if any code enforcement action has been done to the property. The listing provides code enforcement number, category, code officer, date filed, and closed.

The Code Enforcement Housing Portal shows if premises have been written for grass and/or trash violations as well as disabled motor vehicles. One can see if the property is a registered rental and/or if the dwelling has any safety violations or other various code enforcement issues. By looking at the code enforcement or certificate number one can see what year the action was done. Therefore, a code enforcement number E11-0000 would have been written in 2011.

Nuisance Fees/Property Liens

Nuisance Fees are fees the City of Lansing charges to an individual property owner for services performed on their property that are beyond basic city services. Examples of Nuisance Fees would be house board-ups, grass cutting, red tag monitoring, and excess trash removal. If the initial billing of the Nuisance Fee is not paid by the property owner, that fee is placed on the upcoming tax roll.

This assessment is a lien against the real property from the date of service, not from the date of being placed on property taxes.

We provide this data WITHOUT WARRANTY of any kind, expressed or inferred. If you are trying to obtain this information for the purpose of a title search, please contact the Code Enforcement Office directly at 517-483-6078 to obtain assessment information for any fees that are due outside of property taxes.

Source: www.lansingmi.gov