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Advanced trash Removal

Trash Removal / June 7, 2020

8880 Old Federal Rd
Ball Ground, GA 30107
(678) 495-0058

Advanced Disposal has not picked up my trash for 3 of the last 4 weeks. I have called each time and each time they say they are going to investigate and see why it happened. This last time was the final straw. I cancelled my account. Why would I continue to pay for a service I am not receiving. This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with.

So, yesterday was my trash pick up day, they didn't show. I called this morning and they said they were a day behind (which has happened more than once) and would pick up today. They came by and picked up several people's trash on the street but not most of them including mine. So there it sits. I called back this evening and was told they would try to get out here tomorrow. I live in a busy area, not in a rural area and most of the people in my subdivision uses the people, yet they are selective as to whose trash they picked up today. Time to find a new service.

Our previous trash collection service was purchased by Advanced Disposal over a year ago. The service remained good until the first week of January. We have had 4 pickups in 15 weeks and all but the first pickup has required multiple calls and promises for the Operations Manager to return my call but still waiting - 3 months and counting. We are cancelling the service but had to wait until the end of the 3 month billing cycle as they say they cannot issue credits for early cancellation. Now low and behold, they sent us a letter to cancel our service as they "will no longer be able to service your residence" and will be issuing a refund for the unused service period. They stated they will send a removal truck to pick up my container in a "timely manor(sic)". Not sure what has happened with this company and specifically my route but for 2016 they receive a major fail.

My poor parents are fighting over this company. As it turns out they have been over billing and my mom negotiated because they have two houses to pay a nominal fee $6/month to keep services without pickup while they are gone. My mom was at the hospital and not home so my Dad picked up the phone to a collection company claiming they owed $25. Obviously he paid it! As it turns out they have been over billed and now unfairly trying to collect. This is a scam company. Please do not use them!

Cancelled because they miss the pickup day 50 percent of the time, and now they have taken a week to pick up their trash can. I have had it sitting out front as told by customer service when I cancelled and followed up with a phone call, yet still it sits in front of my house. I figure I will set it on fire then post a picture to their Facebook page so maybe they will actually get off their lazy asses and do their job.

My prior refuse collection company, whom I've had for years sold their account to Advanced Disposal. My service has gone from good to poor/non-existent. In the last 4 weeks, the company has missed 3 garbage pickups from my curb! I have sent a notice to A.D. to cancel my service. I've already switched providers to a more reputable company.

If I could rate this company less I would. I have called them more weeks than not about missed trash pick ups. This time I have waited 3 days and still nothing after assurances that they would be there. Stay far away from this sad excuse for a business!

I have never, EVER, encountered a company with worse service than Advanced Disposal. Their voice recording is slick, promises the moon but the reality is they are a disorganized company...never returning phone calls despite their saying they will call back the same day. Sometimes they pick up trash. Sometimes they fly by the house leaving everything at the curb. A customer cannot...CANNOT...reach a supervisor. No wonder the city of Novi did not pick them for the city-wide service. They should get out of the business. Why would anyone stay with them?

For around 3 weeks running our trash has not been picked up on our scheduled Friday pickup day. This means my trash sits in my driveway as they will randomly turn up to collect it when it's convenient for them. Last time I decided to bring my trash back in and get a call on Monday saying they are coming by to pick it up that day, problem being I was at work and had no way of getting my trash out in time so I have 2 weeks worth of pick up now. Their customer service never answers either.

We had Advanced Disposal for nearly two years. It took them several weeks to get us our cans initially, and then they dropped our entire route with less than two weeks notice. They are nearly impossible to reach if you have any problems. I finally did reach someone when I called to ask for one extra week of pickup until we could get a new service/cans, and they never returned my calls. Fortunate that Republic Services was responsive and delivered our new cans within 4 days. Bye bye Advanced. We will not miss you at all!

Our trash company sold our account to Advanced Disposal (who we have had problems with in the past before they were our provider) and I have never been so unimpressed in my life. Our recycling was not picked up and I was told "oh - yeah- that route is a day behind" like it is no big deal. I also complained about the cans being left in the middle of the road lying on their sides and was met with another nonchalant response. I get home today to find that the recycling has finally been picked up...however my trash can (one of the few remaining upright and out of the roadway) was still half full of trash. Really? Do you not dump the can upside down to get all the trash out? So now I have to call again...I am going to cancel, and suggest that our whole neighborhood do the same. And as for the no refunds policy we will see what they say about it after I call the Better Business Bureau or dispute part of the charge with my credit card company. They were paid in advance to pick up the trash and recycling.ALL of it. This company IS garbage.