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Trash Removal / July 9, 2020

Please provide a detailed description of the location where the problem is occurring. The best way to describe the location is by Subdivision name, lot and block number, Township, Range, Section (TRS) or street address. One way of obtaining this information is by looking up the property via the Search for Real Property page. An accurate description of where the problem is occurring will ensure staff conducts an investigation on the appropriate site. Please complete the complaint form as completely as possible.

Enforcement Procedures

The Matanuska Susitna Borough Code Compliance staff received over 373 complaints in 2014 regarding junk and trash and general complaints relating to other borough codes; such as structure setback violations. Staff attempts to be consistent in handling cases and always encourages voluntary compliance.

Staff will attempt to resolve problems with the least intrusive method and at the lowest public expense possible.

Upon Receipt of a Complaint

Upon receipt of a complaint, the Code Compliance Officer will issue a letter or call to inform the property owner (or other responsible party) that the borough received a complaint and request information to conduct an investigation into the complaint.

If you are not sure what needs to be corrected, or believe your property is in compliance with borough code please contact the Code Compliance office to discuss the issue in more detail.

Determination of a Violation

The Code Officer will conduct a site visit and research the complaint then make a determination regarding the complaint. The Code Officer will contact the responsible party by mail or phone if there appears to be a violation of borough code. In addition, the officer will attempt to negotiate a reasonable amount of time for the responsible party to correct the problem. Solutions may include establishing nonconforming rights or seeking a variance for setback issues or by requesting the accumulation of junk and trash on the property be reduced. If a violation does not exist, no further action will be taken. A closure notice will not be issued. However, feel free to contact the Code Compliance office to check on the status of the complaint at any time.

Warning Notice

A Warning Notice provides a legal notice that a violation has been observed by the Code Compliance Officer. The Warning Notice will contain the name and phone number of the officer who issued it. This notice will put the owner or tenant of the property (or perhaps both) on notice that there is a problem and there is set amount of time to correct the problem.


If negotiated agreements for compliance, letter requesting compliance, or Warning Notices do not result in compliance, a Citation can be issued. The Citation will state the violation and the fines imposed. A citation can be contested and the instructions are provided on the back.

If the citation is not contested a default judgment is entered and the fines must be paid.

Enforcement Order

Enforcement Orders are generally issued when more than one option is being made available. Enforcement Orders may be appealed to the Board of Adjustments and Appeals, see MSB 15.39. If you receive an Enforcement Order and wish to appeal it, you must file your appeal with the Borough Clerk as required under MSB 15.39.140 Appeals Commencement. The Clerks Office is located on the second floor of the Borough Building. Responsible parties may be anyone who causes or knowingly allows violations to occur. Property owners are responsible for violations of code on their property. Other responsible parties include tenants, contractors, guests, dependents, trespassers, etc.

Helpful Hints

A reasonable amount of temporary outdoor storage of junk and trash, which is visible from off the property, is allowed by borough code so long as it does not cause a public nuisance and is in compliance with all codes. The interpretation of "reasonable" is determined by considering the negative impact of the junk on nearby property and on public health and safety.

  • Junk and trash that stinks, causes litter, lowers other people's property values, or makes it difficult for others to enjoy their property is more likely to be a public nuisance.
  • Be a good neighbor. Consider other people's rights when you exercise your own. Keep the effect of exercising your property rights on your own property.
  • Junk and trash that cannot be seen or smelled from off the property is much less likely to be complained about.
  • Larger amounts of junk and trash, large areas of scattered junk and trash, and trash kept for long periods of time are more likely to be a public nuisance.
  • Junk and trash should be placed to minimize visibility from offsite, by location in the rear yard, inside or behind structures, screening, cover, fencing, topography, vegetation, earthen berms, etc.
  • The area and amount of junk and trash storage should be minimized and should be kept in a compact, neat, orderly, safe, sanitary, and non-polluting manner that does not cause litter or foul odor, or attract scavenging animals.
  • The outdoor storage of trash should not exceed 30 days. Trash must be stored inside containers that discourage scavengers and prevent litter and leakage.
  • Junk and trash should not eliminate off street parking on the site or force overnight vehicle parking to occur on the street and must not be located in public right of ways or easements.
  • Junk and trash should be set as far back as possible from water bodies, property lines, and easements or right of ways. Recommended minimum setbacks are: 100 feet from water bodies, 25 feet from access easements and right of ways, and 10 feet from lot lines.
  • Three or more junk vehicles constitute a public nuisance, and any outdoor area of 200 square feet that is substantially occupied by junk vehicle parts is considered equivalent to a junk vehicle.

For more information call the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Development Services, Code Compliance Section at 907-861-7822, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Resource List

Organization Phone/Fax Resource:
Matanuska Towing 745-5252 Junk Vehicle Removal
Bear Necessities Coalition 733-2111 Talkeetna Area
Knik Towing & Wrecking 376-2584 Salvage Yard
Alaska Car Crushing 357-5865 Salvage Yard & Junk Vehicle Removal
Happy Hooker Towing 376-9114 or
Valley Community for Recycling Solutions 357-8228 Volunteers, Trucks
MSB Central Landfill 861-7600 Call for Details
MSB Public Works Department / Solid Waste Division 861-7605 Abandoned Vehicles - Borough Roads only
Durgeloh Truck Salvage 376-3958 Vehicle Salvage
1-800-GOT-JUNK 907-562-5865 Junk & Trash Removal