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Washington, D.C. trash Pick-Up

Trash Pickup / September 4, 2016

The National Park Service (NPS) and the Department of Public Works (DPW) in Washington, D.C., started cleaning up waste and recycling materials shortly after the inauguration and the Women’s March ended. And according to a NPS spokesman, most people were respectful and placed items in local trash cans.

In addition to placing a large number of waste and recycling bins around the National Mall and beyond, NPS placed a white decking over the lawn for protection and DPW crews allocated approximately 360 employees, 30 dump trucks, 16 packer trucks, 5 sweepers, 12 pickups, 2 flusher trucks, 4 blowers and manual rakes, booms and shovels to help with waste removal.

The NPS is currently working on removing grandstands, media risers and other items from the inauguration, which is slated to be completely cleaned up by March 1.

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Sunday morning, people were placing their Women’s March protest signs around a chain barrier at Lafayette Square Some did so as a sort of make-shift memorial. Online, others slammed the move, calling it trash and littering.

Either way, it didn’t last long. The National Park Service moved in and cleared it out as clean up began and D.C. slowly returned to normal.

Marc Rivera, from Southwest, D.C., passed by the Starbucks that was vandalized on Inauguration Day. By Sunday afternoon, the area and others looked like a ghost town compared to just days and hours before.