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Phone number for trash pickup

Trash Pickup / April 24, 2018


The Town of Davie uses Waste Management automated garbage collection. The phone number is 954-974-7500. To speak with someone from the Town of Davie regarding garbage collection please call Gay Moo Young at 954-797-1045.

Please note that if you live in the Town of Davie you must have garbage service at your residence or Davie business. Solid waste removal is a non ad valorem assessment on your tax bill if you are a single family resident. Not having garbage service is considered a violation of the Town's ordinances.

What is automated collection?

Residents are provided with a special 96-gallon rollout cart. Collection trucks are equipped with a lifting mechanism on the side that will lift and empty the cart and will return the cart to the ground. The process takes about ten seconds and can be performed without the driver leaving the truck. For a successful pickup to occur, the cart must be placed curbside according to directions.

If you are in a new development, please call Waste Management to set up an account at 954-974-7500. You will not receive a 96 gallon cart until you do.

What are the advantages?

•No more lifting or dragging your cart to the curb.

•Garbage is collected more efficiently, which results in a cost saving for residents.

•The system is more uniform, cleaner, and more attractive.

•The cart is animal proof and cannot be toppled by critters.

•The lid is attached, which helps to control windblown litter and odor.

municipal cart.jpg•The cart is always returned in an upright position with the lid securely attached.

What if one cart is not enough?

Everyone will be issued one green garbage 96-gallon cart (toter). One cart holds in excess of three average 30-gallon bags and will be sufficient for most household garbage needs. You can purchase up to 4 additional carts at a cost of .54 per month plus franchise fee (for the first additional cart, see below for a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th cart). The cost of an additional cart/carts must be pre-paid for the entire year directly to Waste Management. The cost of the first additional cart is .54 x 12 = .48 .48 plus .60 (19.50% franchise fee) = .08 (annual cost)

Waste Management will mail you a sticker to be affixed to the additional cart so that the service truck knows it’s been paid for.

A 2nd, 3rd, or 4th additional cart would cost $2.14 x 12 = $25.68 $25.68 plus $5.01 (19.5% franchise fee) = $30.69 each (annual cost)

When should I leave out my cart?

Waste Management can service your cart anywhere between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on your scheduled day/s. Carts can be placed out the earliest 12 hours prior to 7 a.m. and have to be removed within 8 hours after 7 p.m.

Where do I place my cart?

•You are encouraged to bag and tie garbage before placing it in the cart.

•Do not pack your cart so tightly that it will not empty.

•Trash placed alongside the carts or in other containers will not be collected.

•The arrows located on the lid and metal bar on the front of the cart should face the street, and handles should face away from the street.

•The lid must be closed so that nothing can spill out during the emptying process.

•Do not place anything on top of the lid, as the driver will not empty the cart.

•Place the cart within two feet of the street and at least three feet from trees, cars, mailboxes, or poles, etc.

•All carts must be accessible and placed for collection by 7 a.m. on the day of collection. Inaccessible carts will not be emptied.

galloc.jpgHow often will my garbage be collected?

Trash will continue to be collected twice a week. Please have the carts out no later than 7 a.m. on your service/collection day.

Can I continue to use my old cart?

No. All trash must be placed in the carts provided by Waste Management.

Can I set additional garbage next to my cart?

Because this is an automated garbage collection system, drivers cannot collect bagged or any overflow garbage. Your best defense against overflow garbage is “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.”

What can be placed in my cart?

Everything that you placed in your garbage can previously, including yard waste, as long as you are able to close the lid. Please bag all items first.

When are my garbage days?

If you are unsure of your garbage collection days, call Waste Management at 954-974-7500.

Who replaces stolen or damaged carts?

Carts belong to Waste Management and are under the care of the customer. However, should Waste Management damage a cart, it is required to replace it. If your garbage cart/toter has been stolen, please call the Davie Police Deprtment at 954-693-8200 for a Police Report. Once you have a Police Report number, please call Waste Management at 954-974-7500 to request a no-charge replacement garbage cart/toter.

How do I set out my yard waste?

You can place yard waste in your green cart on any regular garbage day. For more detailed bulk information, please see link at the top for bulk pickup.

How do I pay for garbage and recycling?

If you have lived in Davie prior to November 2015, the cost for Solid Waste and Recycling will appear on your tax bill under non-advalorem taxes. Everyone pays the same costs for garbage. If you have moved to Davie after November 2015, you will need to contact Waste Management at 954-974-7500 to set up an account and receive a green 96-gallon green garbage toter/cart. You will not receive one unless you call, if the previous owner did not live at the residence. Your address will automatically be sent to the Property Appraiser's Office and the cost will appear on your tax bill next year.

The following Mobile Home Parks are exempt from The Town of Davie's Garbage, Recycling and Bulk Pickup Program. For information on your particular program please check with your management company