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Denver trash pickup schedule

Trash Pickup / December 28, 2018

illustration Make Yours A Healthy HomeToxic household products can be harmful to pets, wildlife, sanitation workers, our health, and the environment if poured down the drain, toilet or storm sewer, or put in the trash. You can properly dispose of and recycle toxic products from your home with Denver’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program. Denver residents are eligible for one collection appointment per calendar year. Please note a $15 co-payment is required from the resident for each appointment.

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Before making appointment, please make sure that you qualify. To qualify for an appointment, you must have either:

  • A minimum of 3 different types of materials listed under the Acceptable Household Hazardous Waste list (household batteries no longer count as one of the 3 minimum types, but still may be included for recycling in the kit); or
  • A minimum of 25 pounds of one material listed under the Acceptable Household Hazardous Waste list. * Please note that appointments will not be scheduled for paint only collection.

Only one collection kit bag is provided per appointment, so it is important to prioritize your materials in order to maximize your collection. The collection kit is a large heavy-duty clear plastic bag that holds about 10 to 12 cans or bottles of material.

Here are some tips for preparing your materials for collection:

  1. Be sure to label your materials.
  2. Be sure the most toxic materials you have get into the collection kit bag. Pesticides, insecticides, acids, bases and corrosives chemicals are accepted in the hazardous waste program.
  3. Set out your collection bag by 7 a.m. on your scheduled appointment collection day and be sure to include the $15 co-payment if you did not pre-pay.

Source: www.denvergov.org