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City of Cincinnati trash collection

Trash Collection / October 27, 2017

Some of the other unique features of the app include:

  • A modern, streamlined user interface – making it easier to submit customer service requests;
  • Improved GPS mapping, including map based selection of service location;
  • The ability to easily upload a photo along with customer service requests; and
  • A new survey tool allowing the City to regularly gain feedback on work quality (coming soon).

Users can also schedule a bulk-item trash pickup; report a pothole; receive in-app notifications when a service request has been completed; share completed service requests on Facebook; and add trash and recycling service dates to their calendar.

“Smartphones have transformed the way we live our lives so it is imperative we adapt the latest technologies to make it easier to engage our citizens and solve problems, ” said City Manager Harry Black. "This is all part of our plan to make Cincinnati the best managed city in America.”

Source: www.cincinnati-oh.gov