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Home Trash / November 14, 2020

Photo of Refuse Can of GreeneryThe Environmental Services Department Curbside Yard Waste Recycling Program currently serves 202, 000 City of San Diego households. If it is available in your area (see link below to find out) acceptable yard waste is to be placed in the appropriate container and left in the designated trash collection area outside your property.

Recycling greens is essential to lengthening the life of the landfill. In fact, over three cubic yards of landfill are saved for every ton of greens recycled! By recycling your greens you help the City produce useful compost, mulch and wood chips that are available at the Miramar Greenery.

Does your neighborhood have curbside yard waste recycling?
If not, you can still recycle your greens by bringing them to the Miramar Greenery.

How to Recycle Greenery

To participate in the curbside recycling program, put yard waste into 32- or 45-gallon trash containers. Never use plastic bags. The plastic contaminates the mulch and compost that is made from the greenery and greatly decreases its marketability.