Free (and better than free) Bulky Item Pick up in Chicago

Where to take large trash?

Home Trash / February 24, 2020

Tucson residents have 3 ways to get rid of bulk or large waste items. Some larger cities offer quarterly bulk waste pickup from your curbside, which you can wait to come around while storing your bulk trash or postponing your projects. Homeowners can also decide to load up their vehicle with the large, heavier items to transport to the the landfill yourself. Lastly Tucson residents have the simply, timely, and affordable option of having bulk trash picked up by one of our Arizona Sanitation Trash Pickup trucks.

Commercial Bulk Trash Pickup

Tucson residents that would like to make bulk trash disposal quick, simple, and easy can do so by contacting Arizona Sanitation for the best possible options. Refrigerators, dishwashers, and sofas don’t last forever, and we all end up having things that we can’t simply haul out to the curb on trash day. Homes are sold by location and square footage and most of us don’t want old, broken, or damaged items laying around and would rather they be promptly removed from our homes. Bulk trash removal is never more important than if you live in an HOA community. HOAs generally have standards for yard appearance that prohibit the storage of bulk trash. This means that you garage would be cluttered with trash, broken furniture, or worn out appliances. Waiting for quarterly city bulk trash pickups also either forces you to schedule your projects around these dates, or store your trash.

City Bulk Trash Collection

Larger cities in the state of Arizona offer free city bulk trash collection about every 3 months. Residents are generally notified of the collection dates in advance, where the containers will be, and what type of items they are allowed to put in them. While this is great community service, it rarely comes quick enough to work with spring cleaning, large construction projects, or when your appliances or furniture needs to be replaced.

When you’ve got bulk trash like piles of tree or shrub trimmings, large appliances, a broken sofa, or other large item waiting for city bulk trash collection means the trash just sitting in your home or in the garage until it is time.

There are limitations to Tucson bulk trash pickup. Crews have strict instructions not to pick up any appliances that use refrigerants such as air conditioners, freezers, or refrigerators. Rules also usually state that each residence has a limit of 20 cubic yards of bulk trash. Any hazardous types of waste are not part of cities program. Construction materials over 25 lbs or four feet long are also ignored. In addition automotive parts which are over 20 lbs or four feet long are left behind too. Crews also don’t pick up glass or tires.