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Hauling trash

Home Trash / January 29, 2019

Trash Carts/Cans
If you rent our 95-gallon trash carts, you are allowed two carts or one cart plus two of your own cans. Please do not use trash carts for any other purpose. You are responsible to clean your trash carts. We do not replace trash carts simply because they are dirty. We will, however, repair or replace damaged trash carts that are rented from Grace. If you use your own cans, you are allowed up to four cans. We do not dump barrels of any kind or pick up trash laid in piles at your location. All trash must be contained. We are not responsible for repairs or replacement of your own personal cans.

Prohibited Items
We do NOT take tires, batteries, used oil, paint, or any kind of construction debris. Yard waste cannot be mixed with trash; it is a separate service that we provide in certain areas only. Large items, appliances, and carpet are picked up on a scheduled basis ONLY at an additional cost.

Hopper Fee
When you have more than your allotted amount of trash (2 carts or 1 cart plus 2 cans or 4 cans) and we must run the blade to clear the hopper so we can handle the extra trash, a $15 "hopper" charge will be assessed. (The hopper of the truck holds approximately 2.5 yards of material.)

For every new customer that comes to Grace Hauling because of your referral, we will credit your account $10.00 for up to five customers. That could be a credit of $50.00! NOTE: The new customer must mention your name when they sign up in order for you to receive credit.

Pick Up Time
Pick up times may change un-expectantly so we advise you to place all containers out at the curb the night before your pick up or by 5:00 AM that day to avoid missing our trucks. If your trash is not out when the truck arrives at your stop, you may request a special pickup. A $25.00 charge will apply.

You will be billed quarterly IN ADVANCE for your services. Bills are due 10 days after receipt. If a bill is not paid within 45 days, service is placed on stop until payment is received. If a bill is 60 days past due, a $5.00/month finance charge is assessed.

Prices for trash pick up range from $13.00 to $17.00 per month. Click here for detailed pricing by city. Prices can vary by area or subdivision due to contracted agreements. Call for an exact quote.