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Decorative painting? Why not?

Home Trash / April 6, 2018

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Decorative painting of walls-one of the most popular ways of furnishing the rooms, allowing to give the uniqueness and individuality of the painted surface. Modern decorative paints have a set of indisputable advantages and increasingly replace the usual wallpaper, decorating the walls of living rooms, children's rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms. Decorative painting of walls with your own hands is an original solution, which allows you to transform the interior of the room completely. There are various techniques that allow you to create fully unique surfaces. To perform this work, you can invite a residential painter.

The main difference between decorative paint from the usual one is its aesthetic component that allows achieving a surprisingly beautiful and unusual decorative effect. The surfaces painted with decorative paint do not have joints, that allows you to create a single harmonious picture. Duration of service of the painted surface several times exceeds the period of operation of decorative stucco or wall-paper. At the same time decorative paint is perfectly kept in any premises, including rooms with high humidity and kitchens. Due to their moisture resistance, they can be used for facade works. Its paint does not fade in the sun, does not afraid of scratches and sharp claws of animals, impacts, abrasion and mould. The dirt is very easy to be washed off. It fits perfectly any surface: wood, cement, chipboard, plasterboard and even glass.

This kind of paint looks natural and rich, turning ordinary place into a beautiful and cozy home. A great choice of various shades and all kinds of design effects can satisfy even the most pretentious professional designers and impress inexperienced homeowners.