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City of Cincinnati trash

Home Trash / August 6, 2018

We do design. We do web. We do PR and social media. And, now we do the trash too.

Working in partnership with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, Topic developed and produced the graphic direction, billboards and posters for the "Don't Trash My 'Nati" campaign, a public outreach and educational effort to curb littering and drive volunteerism for cleanup efforts throughout the City of Cincinnati.

An updated version of the popular '90's campaign, "Don't Trash the 'Nati", the new, more personalized direction is an effort to introduce and sway a new generation of volunteers to actively participate in caring for their City.

The City of Cincinnati, the Ohio Department of Transportation, and businesses across Cincinnati spend millions of dollars on litter pickup every year. This takes focus and funding away from other important projects.

"To alleviate the litter problem in our city, we think everyone including residents, businesses, and city government should share in the responsibility of keeping Cincinnati clean, " says KCB Executive Director Linda Hoterhoff.

"When citizens take ownership of an area, studies indicate that litter decreases while people and businesses flourish. In other words, when the city is clean, communities thrive. We thrive! But we all have to contribute in order to be successful."