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Ty Beanie Babies - the cutest toys ever

Home Trash / January 18, 2018

Series of toys called "Beanie Babies" are small soft environmentally friendly toys, counterparts of animals; each has its own name. "Beanie Babies", produced in limited numbers, attract lots of collectors and can cost a few bucks to hundreds of dollars at the secondary market.

Lots of people, who have these peculiar toys often ask “Where to sell beanie babies” and “How to sell beanie babies”. PlushCollector.com will help you if you have the same questions. Its global aim is to make a well-knit community of Ty Beanie Baby lovers and help their precious toys find new and loving homes. Moreover, it’ll tell you in details how it work. This company is #1 in the US and the most transparent beanie buyer online. It has 99% positive reviews and ratings on both Amazon and eBay e-commerce marketplaces.

PlushCollector.com is a portal into one of the greatest places where you can auction your unusual and particular Ty Beanies and receive wonderful offer pricing for your exclusive plush collection.

It could be difficult for you to decide what is the value of Beanie. PlushCollector.com will help you with it taking into account name of your Beanie baby, year released, material used, tag generation, whether it is collectible (a unique and rare one) and non-collectible (millions of each style were produced and are easy to find). For example, most of small beanie babies today are not expensive, but the first through third edition beanie babies in mint condition can fetch as high as $200.00 each. The first edition of the nine toys (defined by label) is considered to be the most valuable. They are Cubbie (bear), Chocolate (moose), Pinchers (lobster), Spot (dog without a spot), Squealer (pig), Splash (whale), Patti (raspberry platypus), Legs (frog) and Flash (dolphin).

Plush Collector wants to buy directly from you. They are your first-stop plush evangelist, seeking to buy an extra product. No collection is too small or large. Simply follow three steps and get paid for your toys: review what we are buying and submit your sell order, ship your merchandise (free shipping is provided for over $25 or more), wait for evaluation and get your money.

Why should you sell to the Push collector? It’s process is safe and secure. They have no fees. It’s quite simple and easy. Create an account and turn your toys into cash today.